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Size: 20x30cm-Square Drill
Color: CY-DW04406

Product Information

We are a manufacturer of diamond paintings. we have our own factory. We accept OEM any photo and size, and can print your logo on canvas and packaging. Direct sales are welcome. We do not provide promotional materials. If necessary. Please contact customer service.


Delivery time: within 48 hours (except holidays)


Quality Assurance: We have strict quality control. Make sure that the products you receive will not have quality problems.


Our promise: If you receive the goods, there will be quality problems (non-human damage) within 7 days. Please take a picture and contact us, we will change or refund for you.


According to the mailing regulations, the maximum length of the package shall not exceed 70cm. When the short side of the canvas exceeds 70cm, please understand the folding canvas.

If you are unwilling to fold the canvas. Please try to choose Cainiao's large package special line transportation method. We will send the canvas to you in the best way.

This size is the canvas size, not the painting size.

Canvas size:30x40cm

Painting size:25x35cm

All products are manual measurement, please allow1-2cm deviation.

SKU: 14:29#CY-DW04406;5:201441339#20x30cm-Square Drill

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