Track My Order

Easy! Go ahead and input your tracking number above and it'll give you the up to date tracking details. You can get your tracking number from your order status page or the shipping confirmation email we sent to you from 

When you look up your order, does it say "TRACKING DOES NOT EXIST?" Not to worry. This could be happening for 1 of 2 reasons. 

  1. Go back and triple check you've input the number we sent you. Easiest way to avoid errors is to highlight the number we sent you from email or the order status page, right click and copy the number. Then come back here, right click and paste the number. This avoids any manual typo errors. If you've done that and it's correct...
  2. The order just likely hasn't been completely processed by our shippers yet. We create the tracking number the moment our supplier fulfills your order. So come back in 7-14 days and you'll likely see an update that it's with our shipping carrier at that point. 

If all else fails and 7-14 days passes with no update, please contact us below and we'll investigate. 

*Note: because we work with many overseas suppliers, processing times may be a bit longer than you're used to. Orders typically arrive to your destination anywhere from 12-30 days after the day you placed your order. It's also how we can guarantee our customers FREE shipping worldwide. If you're reading this and it's less than 30 days from when you ordered, your item(s) are likely still in transit. If it's been 30+ days, please reach out to us below. Thank you so much for your continued support and patience!

IMPORTANT: Please include your order number and tracking number if you send us a message. This will expedite us looking up your order.